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Base Chakra Red Enamel Double Sided Medal Pendant on Gold Chain

Base Chakra Red Enamel Double Sided Medal Pendant on Gold Chain

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Vibrant red enamel and base chakra medal pendant on gold Satellite chain. The pendant is 22ct gold plated brass with deep red enamel. It is double sided with Base Chakra symbol on the front and Earth symbol on the back. The Satellite chain measures 45cm.

Necklace length = 45cm
Pendant = 1.3cm x 1.3cm

Enamel from the Latin vitreum, meaning "glass". Enamel can be used on metal, glass, ceramics, stone, or any material that will withstand the fusing temperature. Enamel is the primary identifier for mourning and sentimental jewels, with colour being the most iconic and simplistic way to denote emotional symbolism.

There are 7 main Chakras which align the spine, from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. This is the first chakra of matter. Balancing the root chakra creates the solid foundation for opening the chakras above.
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